Demand Gen Visionaries Live 2022
We have a special edition of Demand Gen Visionaries Live. We sat down with the marketing legends that built Dreamforce and world-class speakers who were excited to share their inights, inspire you, and to make you think.
For more than a decade, B2B sales and marketing teams have been operating the same way. CMOs spend tons of money to drive qualified leads to your website, and if they want to talk to sales, you ask them to fill out lead capture forms that always end with "Thanks, someone will get back to you shortly."​ The problem? Buyers move onto other things and sales reps struggle to engage buyers and start the selling process. Simply put, the process that marketing teams use to pass leads to sales is broken. A new category of software has emerged, and it's called Conversational Marketing. The concept is simple. When qualified leads land on your site, we'll alert your reps in real-time and allow both parties to start a conversation instantly via chat, voice calls, and screen sharing. Conversational marketing is the rare opportunity for your company to completely change the game on how you interact and engage with qualified prospects. Your buyers will be thrilled about the new experience and your business will feel the impact to the metrics that matter most, pipeline and revenue.
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Lauren Vaccarello is an award-winning marketing executive with a track record of accelerating revenue growth for the fastest growing SaaS companies in Silicon Valley. With a strong background in demand generation, she excels at building scalable integrated campaigns that leverage cutting edge marketing techniques. Although performance is at the core of who she is as a marketer, she believes businesses need to tell compelling stories and build a brand if they want to own a category.

Julie Liegl is the Chief Marketing Officer, responsible for all aspects of Slack’s marketing, including product marketing, customer acquisition, demand generation, brand, brand design, events, and content marketing. Julie has more than 18 years of technology industry experience. Prior to Slack, Julie spent 13 years at Salesforce, most recently as the Executive Vice President of Global Marketing, where she and her teams were responsible for the success of Dreamforce, driving demand generation and the market positioning of Salesforce’s cloud products.

Karin Flores is the Vice President of Strategic Events Marketing, Executive Engagement Programs and the Customer Experience Center at Okta, the Worlds #1 Identity Platform. In her role, she oversees Okta's event marketing portfolio including the company's annual Oktane event which draws thousands to San Francisco and online, global Okta City tours and their Customer Experience Center. Karin manages a team of stellar event strategists, leaders in their own right who deliver Okta’s proprietary in person events as well as Okta’s digital events

Episode Summary

Every week on Demand Gen Visionaries we sit down with marketing leaders from some of the world’s largest and fastest-growing companies to uncover the demand gen strategies that have been fundamental to their skyrocketing success. For the first time ever we have a special edition of Demand Gen Visionaries Live. We sat down with the marketing legends that built Dreamforce and world-class speakers who were excited to share their insights, inspire you, and to make you think.

This episode features a live interview with featured panel speakers, Lauren Vaccarello, CMO at SalesLoft, Julie Liegl, CMO at Slack, Karin Flores, Vice President, Strategic Events, Customer Experience Center and Programs at Okta, and your host Ian Faison, CEO of Caspian Studios.

Key Takeaways

  • Think of part of your budget as an innovation fund
  • Inspire people by thinking beyond product and think about whats going on in the world
  • Plan brand events that differentiate from competitors


Think of part of your budget as an innovation fund. What are the big bets that you and your team have come up with and, and those could vary. If you can architect it right, with the right customer experiences, and the right amplification across press and social, doing something kind of crazy and stunt like can actually make sense. - Lauren Vaccarello, CMO, SalesLoft
It’s about differentiating, if you can do an event in a way that is going to be special, whether it's going to an event or throwing an event, how do you make it different? It can't just be status quo, you have. Give people a reason that it's exciting, and that it matters.- Julie Liegl, CMO at Slack 
I think we are working in a world now where we really need to think about convincing people, and so I think you need to entertain them, motivate them, and inspire them beyond product, and what's going on in the world. - Karin Flores, Vice President, Strategic Events, Customer Experience Center and Programs at Okta

Episode Transcript

Episode Timestamps:

*(04:46) Marketing in uncertain times

*(07:13) Thinking of your budget as an innovation fund

*(08:40) Investing in like big name events this year

*(09:18) Differentiating you events from competitors

*(13:51) Curating an experience that's personalized

*(15:50) Human marketing and bringing humans together

*(20:08) Inspiring people beyond product


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