Grant Johnson
Optimizing ROI with the Right Marketing Mix
In this episode, Grant Johnson, CMO at Billtrust, shares insights on prioritizing ROI and tailoring your marketing mix. He also delves into the value of exploring new tools and strategies for your marketing approach.
Billtrust makes it easier for B2B companies to get paid. They are the leading innovator in AR automation for nearly two decades and continue accelerating. Their customers span 40+ industries and we lead with double digit market share in many of the industries we serve. They provide automated order-to-cash solutions that meet diverse buyer requirements and speed cash application through tailored invoice delivery, secure multi-channel payment enablement and intelligent matching and payment posting.
Financial Services

As Chief Marketing Officer, Grant Johnson oversees global marketing. Grant is a seasoned CMO with a proven track record of more than doubling revenues, scaling businesses, building high-performance teams and transforming companies from growth stage to multi-hundred-million-dollar enterprises including Emburse, Cylance, Kofax and Pegasystems. Grant has been a key member of executive teams, helping integrate more than 20 acquisitions and fostering liquidity events valued at more than $10 billion. Grant has expertise across the entire marketing spectrum, including brand, channel, customer, demand, digital, product, operations, social and web marketing. He is passionate about developing talent and helping others achieve. Grant received an MBA from Pepperdine University and a BA from University of California Santa Barbara.

Episode Summary

In this episode, Grant Johnson, CMO at Billtrust, shares insights on prioritizing ROI and tailoring your marketing mix. Additionally, the episode explores Grant's marketing strategy and how he incorporates investing in new and untested tools and strategies into his overall approach. It is a valuable listen for anyone looking to improve their marketing strategy and gain insight into how to maximize ROI.

Key Takeaways

  • Model out your marketing investments by considering factors such as audience demographics, personas, and methodology. 
  • It is critical to have a projected ROI of at least 3 to 1, and ideally, 10 to 1, to ensure the success of any marketing effort. 
  • It's essential to regularly evaluate your marketing tech stack and tools to ensure that they remain effective and relevant in the constantly evolving marketing landscape.


“You have to commit. You can't declare [a tool or strategy] unsuccessful if you haven't given it a chance and tried a few tweaks and after a certain period of time, you don't hit your head against the wall – you let it go.”

Episode Transcript

Episode Timestamps:

* (02:00) - Meet Grant Johnson, CMO of Billtrust

* (014:00) - The Playbook: Grant’s marketing strategies

* (21:00) - Why your website is essential 

* (32:00) - Quick Hits


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