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Part 4: Top CMOs Share Their Most Uncuttable Demand Gen Budget Items
This is part four in our special mini-series revealing the top demand gen budget items mentioned by the marketing leaders who’ve appeared on DGV. Tune in to hear all the budget items our guests couldn’t live without!
For more than a decade, B2B sales and marketing teams have been operating the same way. CMOs spend tons of money to drive qualified leads to your website, and if they want to talk to sales, you ask them to fill out lead capture forms that always end with "Thanks, someone will get back to you shortly."​ The problem? Buyers move onto other things and sales reps struggle to engage buyers and start the selling process. Simply put, the process that marketing teams use to pass leads to sales is broken. A new category of software has emerged, and it's called Conversational Marketing. The concept is simple. When qualified leads land on your site, we'll alert your reps in real-time and allow both parties to start a conversation instantly via chat, voice calls, and screen sharing. Conversational marketing is the rare opportunity for your company to completely change the game on how you interact and engage with qualified prospects. Your buyers will be thrilled about the new experience and your business will feel the impact to the metrics that matter most, pipeline and revenue.
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Every week on Demand Gen Visionaries we sit down with marketing leaders from some of the world’s largest and fastest-growing companies to uncover the demand gen strategies that have been fundamental to their skyrocketing success.

In each episode, we ask our marketing-leader guests which three areas of investment are most important to their demand gen initiatives. Tune into this special mini-series to hear the budget items our CMO guests can’t live without!

Episode Summary

Part four of this special mini-series features 12 CMOs and marketing leaders from some of the world's fastest-growing companies.

Key Takeaways

  • Beware of treadmill marketing. Get off the treadmill of constantly producing one small thing at a time, and create a strategy.
  • All marketing teams must use the communications holy-quad-fecta: email, phone calls, social touches, and direct mail.
  • SEM and SEO have to work together.


“I'm a huge fan of repurposing content. Do one thing and create six or seven pieces of content…I think that's what a lot of marketing teams get wrong is they always start with a fresh piece of paper…But it's not always about creating something from scratch.” — Christelle Flahaux
“I have been and will continue to be–and the numbers prove it–a believer in search. SEM works no matter how you slice it. SEM is not a one and done. You have to water and trim the plants every single day because it really requires attention. You have to understand the market. You have to be thoughtful about what you’re investing in and continue to iterate.” — Norman Guadagno
“Getting a great demand gen person that knows Google ad words like the back of their hand should be an early hire for any marketing team that’s doing B2B marketing.” — Alex Rosemblat
“We rely a lot on our ecosystem of partners to help us with content ideas and also content creation...we love creating the content with our customers. We feel very strongly that our customer's success is our success. We're only successful if our customers are successful and we love featuring customer success stories.” — Erica Chan

Episode Transcript

Episode Highlights:

*(3:54) Christelle Flahaux, Head of Marketing, FortressIQ

*(6:02) Jamie Domenici, CMO, LogMeIn

*(6:47) Susan Ganeshan, CMO, Granicus

*(9:20) Dave Kellogg, Principal, Dave Kellogg Consulting

*(13:18) Norman Guadagno, CMO, Acoustic

*(16:14) Alex Rosemblat, CMO, Datadog

*(18:22) Jay Lee, CMO, Avalara

*(20:50) Jim Sinai, SVP Marketing, Procore Technologies

*(22:42) Josh Todd, CMO, Mindbody

*(25:33) Erica Chan, Head of Brand and Marketing, North America B2B, Alibaba

*(29:00) Sydney Sloan, CMO, SalesLoft

*(31:10) Brian Kardon, CMO, InVision


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