Susan Beermann
Taking Risks to be a Signal in the Noise
Susan delves into how she uses her mantra, ‘think global’ as a way to guide her teams, why she believes her website is her number one salesperson, and why marketers need to take more risks in a noisy world.
NAVEX Global provides a system that automates processes, operationalizes big data, and provides real-time risk information to make your compliance program truly exceptional. Today, they work with more than 14,000 customers around the globe, including 95 of the Fortune 100. More than 70 million employees have learned from their training courseware or felt empowered to use their hotlines to report an issue. NAVEX Global is committed to doing the right things right and believe we have the ability to help every organization to do the same.
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Susan Beermann owns responsibility for NAVEX Global’s worldwide marketing strategy and execution. As Chief Marketing Officer, she leads the company’s marketing and brand strategy with a focus on customer satisfaction and success. She is also responsible for NAVEX Global’s go-to-market strategy, growth marketing, corporate marketing and communications as well as partner marketing and business development. Prior to joining NAVEX Global, she served as Chief Marketing Officer at Ellie Mae, a SaaS platform provider for the mortgage finance industry. During her time at Ellie Mae, she established the company as the recognized leader in mortgage finance software and was instrumental in driving impressive year-over-year growth. She has also led marketing at Jigsaw, Taleo, and early in her career, held senior marketing roles at Microsoft and IBM.

Episode Summary

This episode features an interview with Susan Beermann, CMO of NAVEX Global, a governance, risk and compliance software that provides customers with a better way to manage risks.

On this episode, Susan delves into how she uses her mantra, ‘think global’ as a way to guide her teams, why she believes her website is her number one salesperson, and why marketers need to take more risks in a noisy world.

Key Takeaways

  • As our digital and physical worlds get noisier, it becomes more important than ever to take more risks as marketers. Experiment, collect data, tweak, improve, and repeat. 
  • Your website should be your number one salesperson. And if it isn’t, think about the adjustments you can make to make sure it is.
  • Alignment is everything in marketing. Sales and marketing must be aligned, but more than anything else, your campaigns must align with your company’s business goals.


“It's noisy out there and creativity can be the difference between people paying attention to you and not paying attention to you. So I think we have to take some risks as marketers to stand out and be a little bit different and not all look the same and play it safe.”
“I refer to our website as our number one salesperson, as it does generate the most leads. And it certainly helps educate people on what we have to offer and the value that we bring.”
 “One of our mantras is ‘global first’. So anytime we develop a campaign, whether it's initiated in our international office or initiated here in the states, we're guided by ‘think global.’ And so we think about how campaigns can be tweaked or adjusted to meet multiple markets. That was just a really big push this year in which our international demand gen has improved dramatically because I've got a much larger team here in the States who are now thinking about international. They're not just thinking about the United States.”
“If we get too hyper-focused in the weeds of our campaigns, we may lose sight of the bigger picture. You've got all these great stats in terms of maybe your campaign, KPIs, but if it's not really tightly aligned and relatable to those bigger business goals, you might fall short.”

Episode Transcript

Episode Timestamps:

*(1:54) - How Susan first got into marketing

*(2:45) - Susan’s current role at NAVEX Global

*(3:14) - What NAVEX Global is

*(5:00) - The Trust Tree

*(9:40) - How Susan’s marketing team is organized

*(12:24) - The Playbook - Susan’s most uncuttable budget items

*(14:25) - Digging deeper into NAVEX Global’s website

*(18:45) - Susan’s conversion tips

*(22:05) - Tactics/channels that are fading away in Susan’s eyes

*(26:10) - Susan’s favorite campaign she worked on

*(32:43) - The Dust Up

*(38:17) - Quick Hits


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