Ryan Bonnici
The New School Demand Gen Mindset at G2
Ryan shares how to optimize existing tools for max pipeline efficiency, and his strategy that grew G2 from a small operation to a large marketing machine.
G2 is the world’s largest tech marketplace where businesses can discover, review, and manage the technology they need to reach their potential. More than 3 million people have visited G2.com to read and write authentic reviews about thousands of software products and professional services. So far, they have published over 1,000,000 reviews that are helping millions of businesses make better buying decisions. G2 aims to be a trusted source that helps every business professional in the world make better technology decisions.
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Ryan Bonicci is the Chief Marketing Officer of G2 Crowd. Prior to joining G2, Bonicci served in key executive-level marketing roles with HubSpot, Salesforce, Microsoft and ExactTarget.

Episode Summary

Ryan Bonnici discusses with host Ian Faison why the campaign-based approach to marketing needs to be jettisoned for a new school mindset that constantly tests and adapts, his philosophy for creating useful content that drives value and leads to conversion, how he's driven growth at G2, and much more.

Key Takeaways

  • The campaign-based approach to marketing needs to be jettisoned for a new school mindset that constantly tests and adapts
  • Demand gen leaders need to be leveraging intent data in order to increase the efficiency of their demand gen spend
  • Creating interactive content that dramatically increases lead conversion
  • Making more intentional and digestible content by researching complex topics and simplifying for an easier, more simple user experience results in higher traffic


“I think of demand gen differently than most B2B SaaS marketers. How do I generate as much marketing source pipeline for the business as possible? How do I increase our brand awareness and trust? So that pipeline, whether that was through marketing or through sales, flows through the pipe more efficiently.”
“We can't just rely on organic word-of-mouth. We need to really try and improve our technical SEO and prove the breadth and depth of the content on our site.”
“Most marketing teams over-index on influence and should over-index more on sourcing revenue for their sales team. You can over-index and they think there's like this holy grail of attribution that I have yet to see any company really have when it comes to influence.”
“I just fully believe at my core that inbound marketing and attracting someone to you and giving them value is just a better way of doing business. It's a much more longer-term way of doing business. It creates a moat around you that the paid can never do.”
“I just ultimately look for the team to think about not just creating content for content's sake, but if we're going to write something, how can we write it in a way that's better than everyone else. Can we do more research so that we can simplify this complex topic to make it easier to understand? Can we identify better metaphors? Can we write a catchier headline that increases click-throughs? How do we really do it a little bit better than everyone at each of those different stages of the content creation process?”

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