Heidi Bullock
The Rise of Data Driven Marketers
Heidi talks about what it means to be CMO of Tealium, why the rise of data driven marketers is so important, and her top do’s and don’t for customer event marketing during a pandemic.
Tealium connects customer data across web, mobile, offline, and IoT so businesses can better connect with their customers. Tealium’s turnkey integration ecosystem supports more than 1,300 built-in connections, empowering brands to create a complete, real-time customer data infrastructure. Tealium’s solutions include a customer data platform with machine learning, tag management, an API hub and data management solutions that make customer data more valuable, actionable, privacy-compliant and secure. More than 850 leading businesses throughout the world trust Tealium to power their customer data strategies.
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Heidi Bullock is an experienced marketing executive who has built a 20+ year career working at both global enterprise technology companies and start-ups. She is currently the CMO of Tealium, the trusted leader in real-time customer data orchestration. Prior to Tealium, she held leadership roles at Engagio (CMO) and Marketo (GVP, Global Marketing). Heidi was named a The SaaS Report’s Top Women Leaders in SaaS and is a frequent speaker and guest lecturer for B2B marketing. Heidi has contributed to key thought leadership guides including the Clear and Complete Guide to ABM Analytics and the Definitive Guide to Account Based Marketing, Lead Generation, Content, Mobile Marketing, and Engaging Email.

Episode Summary

This episode features an interview with Heidi Bullock, CMO of Tealium, a company that connects data from all different sources so brands can better connect to their customers. Prior to Tealium, Heidi was the CMO of Engagio and Global VP of Marketing at Marketo. 

On this episode, Heidi talks about what it means to be CMO of Tealium, why the rise of data driven marketers is so important, and her top do’s and don’t for customer event marketing during a pandemic.

Key Takeaways

  • Before thinking about marketing channels or tactics, know exactly who you are trying to market to.
  • Be prepared for your playbook to change. It’s great to have plans & strategies, but they’re useless if they don’t adapt with the changing times. 
  • Your website is fundamentally who your company is. As with your marketing team and company overall, you want to limit the amount of errors, blank 404 pages, etc. on your site. 


“...know where your audience is. And I know that seems obvious, but I think even in social, you often see people saying, ‘oh, we've got to do LinkedIn, Facebook, Tiktok', you name it. But if your audience isn't there, maybe that doesn't make sense. So I think before you even think about channels and tactics, make sure you know who you're marketing to. Who you're trying to engage with and where they are and then how they prefer to be communicated to.” 
“Folks forget this. And it’s a simple thing in marketing, but people like to buy from people that they know, and they have some sort of relationship with. And I think it was a good way for folks that were evaluating us to see what we’re like as a company and also meet some of our customers. So that works really well. And I would say that just again, for everybody listening in marketing was hard. I see how everything goes as the time changes too. Right. So we’re getting out of the pandemic a bit, hopefully, and now I’m seeing where people want to do more. In-person cause everyone’s a little bit zoomed out. So it’s just, when you feel like you have your playbook, it changes.”
“A first time, CMO, trying to figure out their demand gen strategy. Definitely have a strategy start there. I sometimes I’m amazed at how many people do not have one and understand what your bookings goals are, have a plan there, but I would say that also the simplest advice. Work closely with your CFO, very, very closely on the goals, your budget, and make sure that you’re speaking the same language because a lot of people make that mistake. So, Hey, if you are able to give me a dollar, I can give you back 10. And I think having those kinds of conversations, keeping your metrics, uh, you might have more for your team, but keep it very simple with them, but make sure you speak in their lane.”

Episode Transcript

Episode Timestamps:

*(1:52) - Heidi’s first job in demand

*(2:17) - What being CMO means at Tealium

*(3:44) - Segment: The Trust Tree

*(4:49) - Who Tealium’s customers are

*(8:45) - The rise of date driven marketers 

*(11:00) - How Heidi structures her marketing organization

*(14:26) - Segment: The Playbook

*(16:34) - Tips on customer events

*(20:20) - Heidi’s marketing don’ts

*(31:49) - Heidi’s all-time favorite campaign she’s ran

*(32:14) - Segment: The Dust-Up

*(35:50) - How Heidi views Tealium’s website

*(37:14) - Segment: Quick Hits


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