Ritu Kapoor & Julie Ginn
Why a Personal Touch Matters More Than Ever
On this episode, Ritu and Julie discuss the latest research in direct mail marketing, share their favorite experiential marketing campaigns, and talk about what makes a campaign and website outdated.
Lob provides the building blocks for developers to automate the offline world. Enterprise companies use Lob’s suite of APIs to mail fully dynamic and personalized customer communications with print media. We provide insight into deliverability with piece-by-piece tracing and utilize our proprietary Print Delivery Network to streamline production across fully redundant nodes all over the country. Founded in 2013 and based in San Francisco, Lob is venture backed by Y Combinator, Polaris Partners, Floodgate, and First Round Capital.
Computer Software

Ritu joined Lob in November 2021 as their first CMO. Previously, she was with Automation Anywhere—the company that introduced robotics process automation (RPA) to market. As Vice President of Product Marketing, she led a team to enable enterprise clients’ efforts to automate their business processes, transform their employee experiences and customer relationships, and maximize cost efficiencies. Ritu has also held leadership roles at SaaS automation leaders, Flexera and Palamida where she helped double a pre-acquisition brand and later secure its acquisition.

Julie is a demand generation and marketing operations guru with 20+ years experience in the technology industry. Her strengths include lead nurturing, lead management, conversion optimization, and content creation and strategy. Julie has a demonstrated success increasing conversion rates and pipeline, developing inbound marketing strategy, increasing and converting organic search traffic, and designing successful nurture programs.

Episode Summary

This episode features a special double-feature conversation with Lobs’s Chief Marketing Officer, Ritu Kapoor, and Vice President of Demand Generation, Julie Ginn. Ritu is Lob’s first CMO but is no stranger to leadership roles, having worked in higher levels at several SaaS automation leaders. Julie has more than 20 years of experience in the technology industry, with a specialization in demand generation and marketing operations. 

On this episode, they discuss the latest research in direct mail marketing, share their favorite experiential marketing campaigns, and talk about what makes a campaign and website outdated.

Key Takeaways

  • Rotate Outreach Marketing methods to move potential customers up the funnel faster.
  • Effective personalization is more than knowing a name - it requires investing time and resources into your audience, and thinking out of the box.


“[Personalization] is like going back to experiential marketing. Being able to have these small events and really immerse the customer in your brand by giving them an experience that they want to talk about with their friends and want to talk about on social, because these large events at this point are going out.” - Ritu

Episode Transcript

Episode Timestamps:

*(2:00) - Ritu and Julie’s Roles at Lob

*(5:00) - Segment: Trust Tree

*(9:18) - Lob’s Go-To Market Structure

*(15:46) - Segment: The Playbook 

*(25:10) - Using Experiential Campaigns for Engagement 

*(26:49) - Outdated & Oversaturated Campaign Techniques

*(33:04) - What Makes Personalization Work

*(34:43) - Stop Thinking of Your Website as Static

*(36:30) - Segment: The Dust-Up

*(38:10) - Segment: Quick Hits


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